Our Out-Patient Services through our Article 28 Clinic offer the below evaluations:
  • Neurology- examines the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves)
  • Audiology- hearing evaluation and follow-up
  • Occupational Therapy Evaluations and Therapy
  • Physical Therapy Evaluations and Therapy
  • Speech/Language Evaluation and Therapy
  • Assistive Technology Evaluations
  • Augmentative Communication Evaluations

Education Department – Children seeking initial eligibility access permission for evaluations from the Committee on Pre School Special Education (children ages 3-5) and the Committee of Special Education (children ages 5-21). Parents obtain permission for evaluations and have the ability to choose approved evaluation sites. School Districts will provide families with the evaluation facilities in their catchment areas. Once a family has chosen the evaluation site, the school district will send the appropriate authorizations. If the family chooses us, we have the ability to do a variety of evaluations. All evaluation must be recommended by the School District.










Preschool evaluation requirements:
  • Multidisciplinary evaluation – a psychological in conjunction with a social history and the possibility of one or more supplemental evaluations in the areas of concern.
  • Early Intervention Department
  • ore Evaluations – An evaluation done by staff from two different disciplines to create a global assessment of the child’s strengths and weaknesses.
Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County has the ability to perform the following evaluations:
  • Social History
  • Educational Evaluation
  • Speech/Language Evaluation
  • Occupational Therapy Evaluation
  • Physical Therapy Evaluation
  • Vision Evaluation
  • Assistive Technology Evaluations
  • Augmentative Communication Evaluations